All submitted abstracts will undergo evaluation from the Scientific Committees selected for each thematic session. Throughout this procedure, each presenting author will be invited to select his/her preferred thematic session (TOPIC) along with an alternative session (reserve TOPIC) where your contribution could be moved on the basis of its scientific content and/or for internal program organization.


While preparing your abstract contribution, please follow the instructions reported below:

  • The Author submitting the abstract will be the “Corresponding Author” and will be responsible for informing all the other co-authors about the abstract status.
  • Presenting authors are allowed to submit a maximum of one contribution (oral or poster presentation) only. On the other hand, the same name can be present as co-author in an indefinite number of contributions.
  • Corresponding Author holds the full responsibility to submit the abstract in perfect order with no spelling or grammar errors.
  • Abstracts can only be submitted on-line through the conference website.
  • Abstracts must be in English.
  • To prepare your abstract, please download the abstract template (abstract template.doc) and fill-out the document with all the information required, taking care about the admitted formats, characters and sizes. For completing and uploading your abstract, please, follow carefully the instruction listed below.

  • The title should not exceed 200 characters. Spell out all words and DO NOT use abbreviations there.
  • The Abstract Body should not exceed one page.
  • Please, upload your abstract as a .doc or .docx file ONLY. PDF files will be not accepted.
  • Abstract will be accepted according to their scientific merit. Notification about the acceptance/rejection of your abstract will be sent by e-mail after evaluations.
  • Registration is compulsory in order to present an abstract during the Conference.
  • The Presenting Author of the accepted abstract can pay the early bird registration fee till April 30th, 2020
  • Abstracts will not be published until registration documents and full payment fees are settled.

POSTER AWARDS worth 250,00 , 150,00 and 100,00  will be awarded to the three (3) best poster contributions. The poster prizes will be kindly sponsored by the journal CRYSTALS (MDPI AG).

Upload the Abstract on-line


The first time you enter the on-line system you have to register your personal data by clicking on “Register your data” button. You will get a username and password, confirmed by email, which can be used to login into your account all times you need for managing your abstract as well as for other activities such as registration.

Once registered your personal data, you will have access to different icons including that for “Submit an abstract”. Click on that icon and fill out all the requested information.

Once your abstract submission is completed a confirmation tracking code will appear on your screen and an e-mail message will be also sent to the registered address.


Notification to Authors: from Sunday, April 5th, 2020
Early bird registration fee: from Tuesday, October 1st, 2019 to Thursday, April 30th , 2020


Abstracts will be definitely accepted only if the registration of the presenting author will be made and paid within the deadline indicated by the Organizing Secretariat in the notification letter of early April 2020.


T01 – Transition metal organometallics; synthesis, characterization and properties

T02 – Coordination chemistry of f-block elements

T03 – Activation of small molecules

T04 – Clusters and POMs

T05 – Main group chemistry and coordination compounds

T06 – Molecular magnetic materials

T07 – Metal Organic Frameworks and Covalent Organic Frameworks (MOFs & COFs)

T08 – Luminescent coordination compounds

T09 – Chiral coordination compounds and applications

T10 – Heterogeneous catalysis

T11 – Electrocatalysis and photocatalysis

T12 – Homogeneous catalysis

T13 – Metals in biology

T14 – Metals in medicine, diagnosis and therapy

T15 – Nanoscience and nanotechnology

T16 – Coordination chemistry for energy applications (harvesting, production and storage)

T17 – Green chemistry

T18 – Coordination compounds for optics and electronics

T19 – Supramolecular chemistry and self-assembly

T20 – Theoretical coordination chemistry

T21 – Metal ions sensing

T22 – Applied Organometallic Chemistry (CoGICO)

T23 – Applied catalysis for a more sustainable chemical industry


Only PC data projection will be available

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